How to engage with Wikipedia

Some really useful guidance on how to engage with Wikipedia as a PR professional. The full doc can be found here

I think the general rule of thumb is don’t try and dupe anyone, be honest and don’t be a dick.

Below is a summary of the key points from the CIPR:

  • Register a personal rather than a corporate account and disclose your conflicts of interest on your user page.
  • If you are concerned about the accuracy of a Wikipedia article but have a conflict of interest you must address this via the community. Don’t edit any page you have a conflict of interest on.
  • Head to the Talk page for the Wikipedia article concerned and draft your response. This works in almost all situations however if you don’t get a response then raise it on the relevant noticeboard.
  • Escalate with kindness and don’t be an idiot. When faced with a situation where you have a choice to be an idiot or not be an idiot, choose to not be an idiot.

You can freely contribute articles related to your profession, hobbies and interests, where you do not have a conflict of interest.