Case Studies


In an effort to help create a positive perception of McDonald’s, we have helped build one of the largest and most engaged Facebook communities in New Zealand.

We devised a reasonably cunning strategy that translated the brand values, marketing pillars and customer drivers into a compelling story that is told using snackable content [pun intended].

The micro content is shared with people on Facebook and generates several thousand conversations each week. The team at Fuse works with McDonald’s to moderate all the conversations and handle front line responses, helping to manage sentiment.




Every day we create graphics, photos and short videos that give the McDonald’s Facebook and Twitter communities 5 second bites of snackable entertainment or useful information.

The content piggybacks popular memes, tells the brand messages and conveys tactical marketing messages in compelling and natural ways that appeal to the audience. It’s this content that generates thousands of conversations each week and makes McDonald’s one of the largest and most engaged social media communities in New Zealand.

The Kiwi Coffee

Bach Espresso

To build and sustain momentum around the launch of the Bach Espresso retail range, we tiki toured a branded retro caravan throughout the country serving up freshly brewed Bach Espresso coffee.

Visiting a number of classic ‘kiwiana’ spots we created an experience for consumers that evoked distinctive ‘kiwi summer’ memories that tied them to the Bach Espresso brand. We engaged our social audience by posting Instagram photos of the journey and encouraging our fans to vote for the caravan’s next stop, generating thousands of conversations online.

The Man's Chip

Bluebird Maxx

To support the launch of Bluebird Maxx and establish Maxx as the ultimate sports supporters chip we teamed up with the Hauraki Breakfast show. We ran a series of One-Up Sports challenges where listeners contributed suggestions on how to ‘one-up’ the weekly sport which included mouse-traps, helicopters, taped down arms, marbles, fire-trucks and so much more.

The resulting on-air banter and videos created a bespoke way for listeners to engage with the show and highlight Bluebird Maxx’s man-sized ridges. The One Up Man Chip Challenge was integrated across on-line, on-air, sampling and social elements on Hauraki and Bluebird platforms.


Stories about loving Auckland

Love Your City BLC

To generate organic conversations online about just how fabulous it is to live, work and play in Auckland, we devised and ran an influencer relations campaign that got people talking about what it is they love about Auckland.

Bloggers, Instgrammers and media personalities shared what they most loved about Auckland, generating several thousand photo, video and text based conversations.

In turn, these conversations were seen by several hundred thousand people, which led to an increased interest in Auckland’s CBD as a destination.